At Crosspoint, your children will:

  • Connect with Christ,
  • Relate to others,
  • Operate in God's plans,
  • Serve His church,
  • Share His love.

Our Vision

Crosspoint Kids exists to:

Provide an exciting, safe, and content-rich environment for children through grade 6 to experience God at an age appropriate level.

Serve as an encouragement and resource for parents and guardians as they play an active role in the spiritual development of their children.

We believe that children are not just the church of tomorrow but that they can be World Changers right now!  Our vision for Crosspoint Kids, is best obtained through:

1. Imparting The Truth Of God's Word To Children.

2. Encouraging And Nurturing Faith In Children

3. Leading Children To Actively Seek Ad Participate In God's Plan And Purpose For Their Lives.

Crosspoint Kids

Our Values


Above all, we want your children to be safe in our care.  All of our teachers go through a comprehensive background check, we have security throughout the service ensuring no unauthorized person enters our Kids area; and, children are not released after service until a parent or guardian has come to get them.


We value FUN in Crosspoint Kids because we truly believe that when children are having fun they are learning the most. Throughout every element of our lessons, we make sure that we are presenting it in fun, age-appropriate ways. 


We value getting to know your children. Through relationship building, we hope to earn the right to be heard, so you children can open their ears and hearts to the message of Jesus Christ.