Overcoming Offenses

Do to technical difficulties, there is no audio for this week. But here are the notes for Pastor Fredi's sermon on Overcoming Offenses.

Overcoming Offenses                                                                                                                       Pastor Fredi Vega                                                                                                                               February 16, 2014

Main Text...Colossians 3:12-13

5 Basic reasons to confront someone that has offended you

Point 1. To resolve misunderstandings
     Most offenses are the result of something that somebody said that was taken out of context or a rumor that develops out of a half truth...
If we would just take the time to go to the source and find out the facts...a lot of things would get cleared up before they got out of hand.
Instead we don't confront anyone, we stew on the offense silently, and we grow bitter & resentful...

Point 2. To maintain peace in the Body of Christ (Eph.4:1-3)
     We need peace & unity in the church... and whenever there is friction and turmoil between believers it affects the whole body.
In fact it hinders people from entering into worship and receiving from God's Word.
Also it creates an uninviting atmosphere for visitors, it may hinder people from coming to Christ, and it can even grieve the Holy Spirit (Eph.4:30-32).

Point 3. So Satan can't have an advantage over us...(2 Cor.2:10-11)
     Satan can hinder our spiritual life! And if we're not careful he can use an offense to deceive us into falling away by holding onto bitterness and unforgiveness.
So while you think you are justified in hating someone for what they did...Satan has you right where he wants you...

Point 4.
     Hold the offender accountable... to not repeat his actions to harm the faith of others (Matt.18:6)
People who offend you may go on to offend somebody else if they're not stopped!!! So STOP them!!!!
Confronting their offensive behavior might cause them to think twice before hurting someone else.

Point 5.
     To restore a fallen brother (Gal.6:1)
Christians must make EVERY effort to restore other believers that fall into sin!!!  
We are our brother's keeper! And if it weren't for the grace of God we might be headed in the wrong direction too. So we confront in love in order to restore!!!

So that even if you think someone else MIGHT have something against you... your first inclination should be to seek restoration by confronting offenses...

And Jesus gave us these steps so that obedience to the Word of God would bind us together and grow us in love.