Use It Or Lose It

 Use it or Lose it!

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Pastor Rob's Notes:

In Matthew 25 Jesus is teaching us that each of us (as servants) have specific tasks that HE wants us to accomplish.

Each of us has been given “talents” that He wants us to use for Him.

So what are some lessons we can learn from this parable?

  1. What we have is not ours
  2. We’re given only what we can handle
  3. We must invest what we’ve been given
  4. We will give an account of how we used what we were given
  5. How we use our resources reveals our view of God
  6. We must use what we have or we will lose it

We serve Jesus not out of guilt or compulsion BUT we serve Him because He gave His life to save us. And it's the least we can do to say thank you!!!

Stewardship is best defined as the use of God-given resources for the accomplishment of God-given goals.

And CrossPoint exists to lead people to the cross so that Jesus Christ becomes the center of their lives!!!

And I need your partnership, your help, and your faithfulness to accomplish our mission.

Will you come? Will you help? Will you pray? Will you give? Will you serve Jesus?

God has an important task for us today - He is looking to save the lost in our community...

And He has given us the gifts and resources to do the job. So let's get up! Let's be diligent and faithful.

Because our talents are on loan from God!


But don’t just sit there and do NOTHING!

As Jonathan Winters once said:

“If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it!”

Find a way to serve God!!!

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