All Together Now


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All Together Now

Pastor Rob's Notes:

United we stand, divided we fall!!!

Where are those words found in scripture? Who said those words in the Bible?


And they are not found in the Bible.

But Jesus did say something similar in Matt. 12:25 where he said, “Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed. A town or family splintered by feuding will fall apart.”

So hear this today...the church is NOT a building! I know we call this building a church, but the Bible never uses the word that way.
In fact, the word “church” literally means, the assembled ones or the ones that gather together (ekklesia).

It doesn't refer to a building but to people. In other words the church is NOT a building, it’s a COMMUNITY. 

It’s a community brought together by ONE thing we all hold in common, a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Now that's our unity!!!

And in 1Corinthians 1:2 Paul says, “I am writing to God’s church in Corinth, to you who have been called by God to be his own holy people. He made you holy by means of Christ Jesus, just as he did for all people everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours.

That's the glue of the church! That’s our foundation – it’s called grace – it’s called forgiveness. We share God together.

And a Christian community is a group of people built upon an UNCOMMON unity in Christ.

I’ll leave you with a question:

Have you ever put your face above a headless frame painted to represent a muscle man, a clown, or an old woman in a red spotted bathing suite?

Do you remember how ridiculous the picture looked because the head just didn’t fit the rest of the body?

If we could picture Christ as the head and us as the body, first individually and then as a local congregation, and then as the worldwide body of Christ... would the world laugh at the misfit?

Or would they stand in awe of a human body so closely related to a divine head?

Are we striving to be ALL Together Now or is the enemy dividing us & winning the battle?

This decision is too important to leave to chance...Let's make a decision today to treat others with honor & love! Serving each other unconditionally...

This will prepare Crosspoint to serve Rochester & beyond in years to come! 

REMEMBER: The Lone Ranger was not really alone—he always had Tonto & they fought together against evil.