Making Fear Disappear

 Making Fear Disappear

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Pastor Rob's Notes

Psalm 27

Life can be risky. As a result it can be filled with
opportunities or reasons to fear or have anxiety.

The Bible says we will have anxieties but we're supposed to "cast all of our fears & anxieties on him."

So the question becomes, "How can we make fear disappear

And the answer to that important question is given to us in Psalm 27. In fact the premise of Psalm 27 gives us the answer... "Focus on God and your fears will disappear!"

David like us had many reasons to have anxiety and fear in his life but he had one greater reason to have peace.
As we like David focus on the Lord and remember that he is our Light, our Salvation, and our Fortress we can have victory over fear.

As we make God our top priority and seek Him with all our hearts like David did in verse 4 we will be assured instead of anxious.
We simply need to get our thoughts on God and turn to Him and prayer and remember that he will never turn away from us but has promised that as we wait for him we will see his goodness.

REMEMBER...Focus On God And Your Fears Will Disappear!!!!